photo retakes and studio appointments: Nov 16

Photo Retakes are on November 16.

From Lifetouch

Good morning, 
As we are just about finished all of our in school retake dates, we are now opening up some studio days for any students who missed retakes.
The dates are as follows: Nov. 20th, Nov. 22nd, Nov. 23rd, and Nov. 29th. 
The appointments begin at 5:00 PM and the very last one ends at 7:00 PM. The appointments are only 5 minutes long as they do not take long to photograph. 
If you could please pass this information along to your students/parents so that anyone looking to have photos done can book in ASAP, that would be greatly appreciated. 
They can book their appointments through myself at 403-356-9410, Ext. 4 or via email at
If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. 
Thank you,